Elecampane: The Deep Breather

 Elecampane has become one of my personal favorite respiratory remedies over the years, not just for its medicinal benefits for many of

Hyssop: A Biblical Remedy

  Hyssop is an ancient herb that is an important part of the Western Materia Medica. This combination of information from ancient sources

Pathways to Herbal Mastery

  I know the beginning of the year is when a lot of us take a step back and look at our lives

Medicine of the Evergreens

  Evergreen trees are revered around the world for their medicinal properties, rich folklore, and uplifting symbolism. Although you might be familiar with

Mugwort: The Herb of Dreams

 Mugwort is a plant famed for its effects on lucid dreaming, but its medicinal properties and actions do so much more than

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Herbalists

    With the holiday season approaching, you may be wondering what kinds of gifts an herbalist would like. Whether you’re unfamiliar with the